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WBT Scoreboard in the Middle School August 31, 2011

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I’ve noticed a few things that have surprised me, so I thought I’d share…

I’m already using the scoreboard very differently depending on which class I have in the room.  I have one large, potentially chatty/noisy class.  For them, most points earned/lost on the scoreboard are tied to noise level and quick direction following, because that’s where they need to improve.  In fact, today at the beginning of the period I let them know that our scoreboard focus would be on rules 1 and 2.

In another class, I have a quiet group that has not been very enthusiastic.  During teach/okay times, I even had 2 or 3 pairs who weren’t really talking to each other.  They seemed to not feel comfortable with it.  With this class, I give/deduct scoreboard points for high vs. low energy, using gestures, etc.  I had initially wondered if WBT was going to work for this class, but yesterday and today they have come out of their shells and I’m getting a lot more enthusiasm out of them.  WBT really makes the classroom lively, and this class has finally caught on to that!  Success.

P.S.  I will post about how I’m using the genius ladder for math eventually, but for now I just have to say that I created a giant one at the front of the room and have said nothing about it.  The letters of “Genius” on the top rung sparkle with gold glitter.  It’s driving the kids crazy that I won’t tell them what it’s for!  I have kids in every period who want to know when we’ll start using it.  (See the Whole Brain Teaching “WBT Model Classroom” ebook to find out more about the genius ladder.  It’s a FANTASTIC and FUN writing/language arts strategy that I am adapting for my math classroom).


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