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So Easy a Kid Can Do It! September 22, 2011

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Today I was held up on the other side of the building at the start of my advanced class.  I told the teacher I was talking to that I had better go because my rowdy group of smarties were probably running amok by then (this week I have already had 3 “less HW” points show up mysteriously on the scoreboard while I was standing in the hallway during class-change).

I walk in to find Johnny Smith (we’ll call him) has taken charge of the class and is going over the answers to the warm up problems in a semi-serious way.  He’s calling on students to come up and write their answers on the board.  The class looks at me when I walk in, but I tell them to carry on as if I’m not there.  I went ahead and sat down in the back.

Then comes the Power Teaching.  Chatter and laughter fill the room as I sit down.  Johnny responds to this with a deep, stearn, “Claaasss.”  And gets a perfect, “Yeeeesss” back.   Johnny continues, “I know you don’t want more homework tonight.”  (I laughed to myself that, being a student himself, he only threatened more HW, but didn’t actually put a point on the More HW side of the scoreboard.)

He went on through the rest of the warm ups and really got me laughing when he called for a 10-finger woo to a student who found and fixed a mistake on the board — still using his version of a “teacher tone.”

It was just too funny.  The power of routines in your classroom can not be underestimated.  It also goes to show that if someone else, even a 13 year old boy, knows a few whole brain teaching “tricks,”  they can man the class just the way you would.  Johnny was also not the one I would have expected to take over.  I have other students who I thought would have jumped at the chance to take center stage.  Johnny had great charisma with the class and (to a scary degree) imitated all my tones and mannerisms very accurately.

It was a great start to my morning.


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